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* Update on my hockey story: My agent continues reaching out to an all-star list of editors, trying to get a deal for us. So takers. One editor expressed interest, my hopes were up, but ultimately it was a pass. If I had to speculate on what the hang-up is I would say it's that the story is unconventional and has a dark side to it. Oh well, the journey continues; somewhere out there is a kindred spirit who will love the story as much as we do. Stay tuned.
Attended the West Virginia Book Festival Oct. 21-22 and had a great time, almost selling out of all my books. Hope to come back next year. Here are the selling taglines I used for each book (just FYI):
My Life As a Clone: "Conspiracy, adventure...with a dog thrown in"   [Sold the most]
A Red Sun Rises: "It's the end of the world as we know face it on a skate board"
Win the Rings: "Marvel Universe kind of story on steriods"
In the Forest of the Lost and Found: "The TV series LOST meets JAWS"
Adventures on the Road to Me: "Quirkiest romance ever that no fan of SAY ANYTHING can afford to miss" [Sold the least -- tough crowd for romance!]

ADVENTURES ON THE ROAD TO ME is a finalist in the Stiletto Contest sponsored by the Contemporary Romance Writers organization. Very cool. Congrats to the other finalists and a big thanks to the CRW.

* BOOK FESTIVAL! -- On June 25, I will be at the North Coast Indie Author Book Expo, 2pm - 6:30 pm, in Elyria, OH (outside of Cleveland). If you're in the area, stop by and say hello

June 10, 2022 - MILESTONE - My story FIGHT SONG (formerly titled BIG BIRD AND THE CYBORG) is out on submission with several awesome editors. Hoping one loves the story as much as my agent and I do and decides to pick it up. Stay tuned for updates.

* Audiobook for
MY LIFE AS A CLONE coming last week of June, performed by the most excellent Talon David,

* Now out: Book Trailer for MY LIFE AS A CLONE. Watch HERE

* My Life as a Clone is now out. Check it out HERE

* April 15, 2022: I signed with an agent: Steven Chudney of the Chudney Agency for my YA hockey story Big Bird and the Cyborg

*Big News--A new book is coming on May 1: MY LIFE AS A CLONE.
  Blurb: Willa has learned that she is a clone of a dead girl, sent out into the world with a deadly mission. But something has gone wrong. Her memories have been wiped. She must remember her purpose before it's too late, because something terrible is coming and only she can stop it.
AUDIOBOOK - May 30 (tentative)

*I have finished a great story that I'm now shopping around, called BIG BIRD AND THE CYBORG. It's about a 17 yo girl who becomes a once-in-a-generation hockey phenom in Minnesota. Hook: she's wanted by the police and is living under a fake identity. Check out the video trailer for the book HERE. And check back here for publishing updates.

*I have another completed book,
MY LIFE AS A CLONE, a story about a girl who has only few months of memories and is convinced she is a clone of a mysterious dead girl...Not sure who will publish this, but I am definitely going to do an audiobook.

I'm shopping around my latest book, BIG BIRD AND THE CYBORG, a story about a First Nations girl who becomes a high school phenom playing hockey...we'll see where this lands...stay tuned.

* My Short Story, "The Flight of Aris XLIX" was published in January, 2022, in the anthology, 
Infrared: Tales of Human Extinction (Hireath Press) -- Very Cool Beans!

Nice review of my In the Forest of the Lost and Found audiobook by AudioFile Magazine. Check it out here.

Listen to my interview and podcast, sponsored by Boroughs Publishing -- Men who write male/female romance: do they get it right?  This was a lot of fun. Check it out here.

Adventures on the Road to Me: Enter the Goodreads Giveaway here [GIVEAWAY OVER]

Adventures on the Road to Me: Tons of video content on my YouTube channel 

* Adventures on the Road to Me released on July 22.

My sci-fi short story, "The Flight of Aris XLIX," will be published in the anthology, Infradead: Tales of Human Extinction. Interesting title, eh? Coming out Oct. 1, 2021. More details to come

* Trailer #2 for Adventures on the Road to Me has dropped . . . see it here

Cover release for my upcoming book, Adventures on the Road to Me (Boroughs Publishing). See it here

Audiobook of IN THE FOREST OF THE  LOST AND FOUND is now out! Listen to it here


* ADVENTURES ON THE ROAD TO ME -  Coming July 2021 (Boroughs Publishing) 

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