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Post Morem: No One Dies In Skarnes (Netflix). The police find Live Hallangen dead in a field and call the local funeral home to come pick up the body, except the funeral home is run by her father and brother. So, five minutes in and the series already strikes a peculiar, discordant note. And it just takes off from there.

Live comes back to life on the autopsy table. Soon, she realizes that she somehow has acquired the family curse: she’s a blood thirsty vampire. Other than an occasional craving for blood, she’s pretty much normal and slips back into her daily routine. Meanwhile, Live’s brother, Odd, soon inherits the family funeral home and discovers that his father has left him a business drowning in debt and on the verge of total collapse. The problem with the funeral home is that no one dies in Skarnes, so it’s kind of hard to make money when your profits depend on death. And so, Live’s problems and Odd’s sort of converge—they both have a need for dead bodies. 


Soon the local police, Live, and Odd are all caught up in blood, bodies, and money. What’s a vampire to do? What’s the brother of a vampire to do? What’s the policeman who’s in love with a vampire to do? All of these questions and more intertwine and play out in this Norwegian six-episode series. 


Post Mortem does two things quite well. First, it combines a quirky horror story with wickedly funny, dark humor. Second, it gives us a fresh take on vampires. No fangs, no can’t stand the light, no sparkly skin, no turning into bats, and no moving at superhuman speeds. On the contrary, Live is perfectly normal except when the blood frenzy overtakes her. But, as long as she’s careful to stay blood hydrated, she’s not really that much different than you and me.


Mixing humor, even dark humor, with horror isn’t easy to pull off. Post Mortem does an exceptional job of it. My only complaint is that the initial series is too short. However, it does make me hope for a season two.


So, I would recommend this series for any fan of horror in general or vampires in particular. The story is fresh and daring. I had a lot of fun watching this.

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