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The October issue of Story Talk brings us into Halloween season, and what better way to get into the swing of things than by taking a look back at the movie Halloween (1978). So, we have an entire section on this horror classic that has spawned so many sequels. Although there are a lot of great Halloween movies, Halloween is the biggest, baddest, and best. It’s been some 43 years since it was first released and everybody has probably seen it at least once, but this year it deserves to be seen again.


We also take a look at a couple great new series that came out in September: Midnight Mass and Squid Game. Squid Game in particular is getting a lot of hype. Does it live up to all the publicity? I have my opinion on that. Take a look.


On the movie front, a number of new movies became available for streaming in September. Although I watched most of them, I only had time to review a few. That darn day job keeps getting in the way.


Next month’s edition of Story Talk will focus on Dune: the book, the new movie, the old movies. How well has Hollywood captured the story? Does this new movie finally get it right? We’ll see.


Take care,

K.D. Van Brunt

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