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Facts & Trivia
(courtesy of IMDb)

  • Halloween was shot in 20 days in the spring of 1978. 


  • With an initial budget of $300,000, it grossed $70 million and became the highest-grossing independent movie ever made at that time. It was later surpassed by Blair Witch.


  • The first showing of the film during its theatrical run was on Wednesday, October 25, 1978, in Kansas City, Missouri.


  • John Carpenter composed the score in four days.

  • All of the actors wore their own clothes since there was no money for a costume department. Jamie Lee Curtis went to J.C. Penney for Laurie Strode's wardrobe. She spent less than $100 for the entire set.


  • Halloween was Jamie Lee Curtis’ first feature film. She was paid a reported $8,000.


  • Donald Pleasence was paid $20,000.


  • John Carpenter was only paid $10,000 to write, direct and score the film.


  • Will Sandin (Young Michael Myers) became a police officer in Los Angeles. He had no interest in pursuing a full time acting career.


  • The average age of the film cast and crew was just 26. 


  • The famously freaky Michael Myers mask was a cheap, $1.98 mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek -- stripped of its eyebrows and sideburns and stretched out and painted white. 

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