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Foundation (Apple TV+, 10 episodes). Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction series comes to the screen. At the time of this newsletter, only three episodes have dropped, so it’s premature to review the series. That said, one can give some preliminary reactions. By way of preface, I read the original Foundation books when I was a teenager, which was a long time ago. I remember the basic story at a very high level, but not any of the details. So, I’m basically coming at this show fresh and unbiased by any comparison with the books.


The first two episodes are gripping. The effects are spectacular and sweeping. It’s gorgeous to see. The plot is a little choppy and opaque, but I managed to follow along pretty well. The characters are quite engaging and at the end I was left wanting more. If

this were a Netflix series, I would binge all the episodes within a few days.


What about the third episode? This one is disappointing. The story treads water for most of the episode until the very end. So, the show lost some momentum, but I’m still all in on watching the remaining seven episodes.


I’ll give a full review later when the last episode drops in November.

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