Memory makes us human; who we are is defined by what we can recall. Sometimes, though, knowing the past is like a computer virus infecting the future. The only way to survive the here and now is to wipe away yesterday. 


            Seventeen-year-old Zoe has a gap.  She has two loving parents, a brother, and a dog.  What she does not have is any memory of the last year of her life.  She knows she lived in a different town and attended a different school, but then something happened—Now, it is erased from her mind, but not completely.  Her lost year is a monster hiding on the edge of her nightmares, taunting her, but unwilling to reveal itself.


            Zoe’s parents know something, but they evade her questions. Even her psychiatrist won’t give her straight answers, urging her to give it time. What little information she is able to discover comes from her troubled dreams. She lost someone, someone whom she’s desperate to find, and until she does, she’s broken inside. 


            Zoe tries to adjust to her new school, but the kids can sense she’s damaged goods. It brings out the best and the worst in them. Only her dog, Rin, seems to understand her. He is connected to her lost year, connected to why she keeps doing things her mother calls reckless and foolish and dangerous.  And when she starts to hear voices and see things no one else can, she begins to question her own sanity. The monster of her nightmares is returning, and it’s all going to happen again unless she can recover what she lost. Always the question that haunts her is what if she never remembers? But the question that frightens her most is what if she does remember?


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