In the summer of 1961, almost ten years before Stonewall, two seventeen-year-old girls, Kate and Trish, drove out of Weston, Massachusetts, in the early morning hours and disappeared.   No trace of them has ever been found.  Their disappearance gripped the nation for weeks, and the town of Weston has never really recovered from the tragedy.  Despite all the efforts over the years to solve the mystery of what happened to them, not one shred of evidence as to their fate has ever surfaced; that is, until Jake, a Weston High School senior, stumbles upon a long lost letter Trish wrote to Kate hours before they vanished.   Drawn to the case, he decides it is his destiny to solve the oldest cold case in Massachusetts.


            Needing help, Jake reluctantly turns to Julie, who would have been Trish’s niece.  They initially detest each other, but find a way to work together.  At first, Jake dismisses Julie as annoying and spoiled, but as they spend more and more time with each other chasing down leads, it becomes increasingly impossible for him to ignore the growing attraction between them. 


            Jake and Julie interview dozens of people who knew the girls, and the picture that emerges is that these girls were not what people thought.  They were living a lie and hiding secrets.  As they slowly unravel the mystery, Jake and Julie find more than they bargained for, and they begin to dread what they may discover about the fate of the girls.  Some cold cases should not be solved.  This could be one of them.


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