I am a lawyer, but that wasn't my intended career path out of college. I wanted to be a New Testament scholar and attended Harvard Divinity school for a year, but fate led me down a different path. I transferred to the law school and never looked back.


Growing up, I moved around a lot in Southern California before settling down on a ranch outside the town of Nespelem, Washington on the Colville reservation. My father was a tribal leader and I identify as indigenous. I came east to Boston for school and have lived on the east coast ever since.

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Today, I live in the great state of Maryland with my standard poodle, Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) and work remotely for an excellent company. I love my job.


I write for the joy of creative expression. I don't need the money (I know, famous last words). 


I have published numerous novels with small, independent publishers (see BOOKS), the best known of which is the Win the Rings trilogy. I have also published an eclectic mix of short stories.


I will probably never write a NY Times bestseller, but I have won awards for my stories and gained favorable recognition for my writing.

I write what I like to read . . . mostly.


       Sci-fi: I prefer an element of adventure, maybe a dash of romance. Very picky about space operas and epic fantasies

      Urban fantasy: Preferably stories that lean toward horror and myth and are not focused on humor or tongue-in-cheek

      Romance: Preferably YA with an unusual setting or theme, and not one that takes place primarily inside a high school


       Murder mysteries;  Nope


       Category romance;  Kill me now



       TV Shows:  Ted Lasso 2Mare of Easttown, Shadow & Bone,  Foundation, Wheel of Time

      Movies:  Dune, CodaNomadland, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Land


     Pros:  Pizza, Chinese takeout, Tex-Mex, most American comfort food, fresh seafood

  Cons:  Salads, anything touted as "healthy," all melons, Brussel sprouts, most casseroles


I have a super talented daughter and two disabled sons. The boys keep things in perspective

Big time Red Sox fan . . . I attended games 1 & 2 of the 2004 World Series

I read Greek and Latin

If I had lived . . .

      In ancient Greece, I would have hung out in the agora with Socrates

      In medieval Europe, I would have been a monk

      In the 19th century American west, I would have been a Cheyenne dog soldier

      In the roaring twenties in the US, I would have been a grifter