During the eight hours of the day when I’m not writing, reading or sleeping, I’m a lawyer in Baltimore.  I grew up in Southern California, moved to Seattle before coming east to Boston to attend Harvard Law School.  Now, I live in the great state of Maryland with my wife and my dog--a standard poodle named Buffy (say, who did I name her after?).  One of the few things I like better than pizza is driving fast.  So, if you happen be in the DC area and a black Camaro with a red stripe and a rear spoiler roars by and blows your doors off…thaaat could be me. So, just bid my tailpipe adieu and say, c'est la vie. 

Little known facts:  I DO like the little fishies on pizza; I once locked my keys in my car with the engine running in the middle of a wilderness area (sigh); guilty movie pleasures—The Host and Breaking Dawn-Part Two; and finally, I sure wish you-know-who hadn’t died in Allegiant (a tear might have escaped down my cheek, but I'm in denial).


You can email me at kvbrunt@gmail.com.


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